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Welcome to Syndic8

Welcome to Syndic8. This is the place to come to find RSS and Atom news feeds on a wide variety of topics. There is a lot here; be sure to explore all of the tabs at the top of the page. Here's what we have:
  • A community-driven effort to gather syndicated news headlines...
  • A readable master list of syndicated news content...
  • An XML list of syndicated news content...
  • Quality of server measurement of all feeds, with statistics and history...
  • Complete statistics on every aspect of the site's content...
  • Reviews and pointers to syndicated tools and sites...
  • A very complete set of web services...
  • A plan to evangelize sites to syndicate their content...
  • A categorization system which uses existing schemes such as DMOZ
  • Articles and tutorials on syndication...
You can also register now if you want. Read about what we are doing in this Content Wire article.
5 random syndicated feeds:
  • Benin - Topix
  • RSS will be back up later today...
  • IT / Solothurn / Stellenangebote
  • Pinebluff, NC - Topix
  • Cairo, NY - Topix

5 most recently approved feeds:
  • People Search
  • All Things Polka Dot
  • Colorado Buffaloes
  • Online Car Loans
  • Blues Music News

5 newest site features & fixes:
Syndic8 Feed Tagging Syndic8 now has a feed tagging system. Any logged-in user can add their own tags to a feed using a form in the top-left corner of each and every feed info page. See the linked blog entry for more information.
Fresh PodCasts in 6 Languages This page shows the newest podcasts in 6 languages.
Fresh News in 6 Languages This page shows the latest headlines from feeds that ping Syndic8, and are either Syndicated or Awaiting Approval.
Improved Performance The database has been tuned and the front page has been optimized; interactive Syndic8 performance is now a lot better than it has been for the past couple of months.
Changed Feeds Box The Changed Feeds Box lists the feeds which have most recently changed, as indicated by an XML-RPC Ping call to Syndic8.

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